Friday, October 9, 2009

Your Teaching Job Will Change

There are four seasons in a year. Whether or not you experience four seasons depends on where you live, if you are affected by climatic shift due to humanity's influence on the environment and/or if you choose to pay attention. Those who have been paying attention seem to be at the top of the presenter's class. Now we have another season, and it's not associated with sports...the season of SHIFT. But it is more that just moving around in a chair. Because in the world of education you shouldn't be sitting down anyway!
But wait...we can see the world from our chairs, at our desktops, all at our fingertips...carpal tunnel syndrome be darned. And according to the video it can even be personalized. What more could one ask for on your own PPC? Your "personalized" personal computer.
Well it is here. It talks, doesn't walk(maybe it does in Japan) and is here to revolutionize education. So I guess we will have to make the adjustment as teachers, become more like facilitators or coaches, rather than traditional educators.
"Show me the beef!" shouted the woman in the Wendy's commerical. Now in education it will soon be, "Where's my PC!" For it seems that computers will be the "meat" in education.
Teachers will now show students where to find knowledge rather than be the pervaders of knowledge. We may have to fill this role as "Masters of Media" rather than Masters of Education.

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