Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is It A Unit?

When we start with a question, that must mean there are answers to be found. Yes. Yes. Yes! And so we start with the creation of this Unit and it is not one of measurement but one to provide knowledge that will be measured...thus the rubric. Essential question? Aren't all questions essential? Well we tell our students, "there is no such thing as a dumb question." And yes it starts with the essential question. Perhaps we can equate the essential question to the essential vitamins...got to have them. Essential to life and essential to knowledge, or to the growth of knowledge in this Unit. "How did America's relationship with Western & Eastern Europe and China change because of the Cold War?"


  1. Catchy introduction! It got my attention!

    Is the "how did America??" question the real question you want answered....if so could that be highlighted or separated in someway.

    Like it!

  2. Your unit sounds like it relates to social studies and the effects of the cold war. What are your curriculum framing questions? I am not so sure about what presentation or project the kids are going to be working on. Maybe each group can take a different effect and show the different views each country had due to the effect.

  3. Interesting idea to start your unit. The way you described your idea, it might center around conflict. How about "Is Conflict Necessary?" or "Do We Need Conflict?" I am not sure that I saw the other types of CFQs.